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    Investor and Advisor To Some Great Companies!

  • Systems Integration Partner ---> Line CTO ---> Business Unit President ---> Incubator, Investor & Advisor

    Specialties: Fintech, Security, Consumer Technology, AI/NLP applications, Education Technology, Next-Gen Health and Safety, Conversational Advertising and Commerce




    3Q08 - Powerset sold to Microsoft
    4Q08 - MessageLabs sold to Symantec
    2Q09 - Xoopit sold to Yahoo
    4Q09 - AppJet to Google
    2Q11 - JamLegend to Zynga
    3Q11 - OurParents to RealPage
    3Q14 - PlayHaven to Science, Inc.
    4Q14 - ObjectVideo (IP portfolio) to Avigilon
    1Q17 - ObjectVideo (SI business) to Alarm.com
    4Q18 - Conversable sold to LivePerson
    4Q18 - Computes sold to Magic Leap

  • "You always want to be in a place where, because of your skills, you can make a real impact."

    John McKinley


    Great Falls Ventures


    Apr 2007 – Present

    A seed/early stage investment and advisory firm, focused on search, community, communications, and mobile applications.

    Recent advisory work:

    Strategic planning for one of the largest cloud hosting providers
    Expert witness work for a large international social network
    Analysis of IP set-top box options for a new video service
    Geothermal-advantaged data center acquisition analysis
    Over-the-top video service launch in Mexico/Central America/South America
    TV ad insertion firm due diligence
    Investment due diligence on multiple early-stage companies in the security, mobile sectors
    Sell-side assistance for a digital agency looking for growth equity (we got it!)


    Strategic Advisor 

    Feb 2019 – Present

    Advisor to Hypergiant, a leading firm in the development of AI-based solutions to clients in the commercial and government markets. The firm has already delivered some incredibly creative AI solutions to their clients and has also begun commercializing some of their innovations.


    Strategic Advisor 

    Sep 2018 – Present

    Strategic advisor to DigitalOcean, the best-loved brand in the whole IaaS market. DigitalOcean is the cloud hosting solution of choice for a massive global developer community.

    Catalyst Investors


    Jan 2011 – Present

    Advisor and portfolio company consultant for Catalyst Investors.

    Reputation Institute

    Board Member

    Aug 2016 – Present


    Board member for the firm that created the entire concept of quantified measurement of reputation.


    Board Member

    Oct 2008 – Present

    Chairman of Technology Committee, Member of Audit Committee.

    News Corp, AOL, Merrill Lynch, GE Capital

    1995 – 2012

    CTO and Line Roles - CTO of The Year, Top Tech Execs in Financial Services, multiple product awards, etc... Ran orgs up to 15,000 in size, and $700MM product P&L

    Computes, inc.


    2018 – Present

    Secure decentralized mesh computing for the next generation of computationally-intensive crypto and cyber workload.



    Dec 2016 – Present

    Advisory to the leading company that is driving next-gen conversational commerce for an amazing list of clients!



    Jan 2016 – Present

    Advisor and investor at MyQVO, MyQVO is a company focused on the gamification of improved study and organization skills for students. In its initial pilot, it resulted in dramatic improvements across the 2,500 students involved. The average GPA of these pilot students improved 34% in a single semester. The company is now expanding its reach nationwide.

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